Monday, June 25, 2012

She is not hiding

She told me the story about Maria Kurenai
"A sickly girl who becomes powerful
Posessed by her distant relative Shizuka Hio
Maria Kurenai becomes the aristocratic vampire
Maria Kurenai becomes the strong and powerful"
 When she told me the story
her eyes was glowing
as children do when telling stories

There is a difference

She dresses in her clothes
She puts on her hair
She puts on her makeup


She becomes Maria Kurenai


But she is not hiding
It is not a disguise
It is not a mask


This is Cosplay
Her walk is confident as Maria Kurenai
With her head high
Her eyes glowing
A hidden confident smile
In her beautiful costume

Her inner beauty now can arise to the surface
Showing the strong girl
A girl that can make a difference


It is not Shizuka Hio within
It is herself 
Her true strenght and beauty shining through


I see the girl behind the costume
Powerful and fragile 
Strong and caring
I know she will make a difference


But today
She dresses up
Becomes the character
She is not hiding
She becomes her
But she is herself

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The last time together

I came to see you

 I watched you
Then I watched over you 

I remembered the time
When you was strong
I knew your story
Stories of the sea, trucks and hard work
I remember all our lessons,
Lessons of becoming a man
From a grandfather to a grandson
More than a grandfather
I grew up and you was there
I came to be here with you

Who are you now?
Is this really you?
Are you still there?

Are you going away now?
No, you are not ready yet.
You want to hang on a little while longer
I can see that you hold on
It is not time right now

I know
You don´t want to be here in this place
You never had to endure such things before

Now it is different
Time is catching up

We spoke about it.
We knew; that I had to leave
We knew it could be the last time


Where would I be without you?
The roles have changed now
You used to guide me

Now I had to be strong for you 
You asked me when you was well enough to leave 
I saw you looked through the window 


I said I didn´t know
You got better
We went to the sea   
I saw you in your eyes again
I had to leave
Would I see you again?
Would it be the last time?
Mom takes so good care of you
She´s the hero
We said our goodbyes as many times before
I thanked you, as I have done before
We spoke on the phone
Far away

You didn´t said goodbye
But you said
And it was okay

Don´t stay too long
You can go when it is time
I understand


I came again as soon as I could 
I did not make it this time
Time flew so fast

You had left just before I got home
I do remember

You never had time to wait
Catch up if I could

This time I knew
You had to go

You knew I was on my way
That I would follow you
only to where your journey starts

Fare well
We'll meet again
on another journey