Monday, June 25, 2012

She is not hiding

She told me the story about Maria Kurenai
"A sickly girl who becomes powerful
Posessed by her distant relative Shizuka Hio
Maria Kurenai becomes the aristocratic vampire
Maria Kurenai becomes the strong and powerful"
 When she told me the story
her eyes was glowing
as children do when telling stories

There is a difference

She dresses in her clothes
She puts on her hair
She puts on her makeup


She becomes Maria Kurenai


But she is not hiding
It is not a disguise
It is not a mask


This is Cosplay
Her walk is confident as Maria Kurenai
With her head high
Her eyes glowing
A hidden confident smile
In her beautiful costume

Her inner beauty now can arise to the surface
Showing the strong girl
A girl that can make a difference


It is not Shizuka Hio within
It is herself 
Her true strenght and beauty shining through


I see the girl behind the costume
Powerful and fragile 
Strong and caring
I know she will make a difference


But today
She dresses up
Becomes the character
She is not hiding
She becomes her
But she is herself