Monday, July 25, 2011


Before the rose hit the water, and color it red

Before we set fire to the world

We find hope in that the light shows the way from darkness to light

Evil and stupidity will never win when a people is united in peace!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Why did we come here?
Why are we here?  

The questions...

Why did we run?
Why did we hide? 

The many reasons..

Why is it darkest before sunrise?
Why is the full moon blue?  

How it is told...


Why could we not see?
Why could we not listen? 

The mistakes...


Why do we say time flies?
Why can we not really capture the moment? 



Why did I not remember?
Why was it not obvious?  

Hidden memories in time...

Why is disharmony music?
Why is a blue note heard without color?  

Perception and emotions...

Why was it spoken?
Why did we not speak? 

We talked, but did not hear...

Why do we think?
Why do we reason? 

Ability to choose...

Why arrogance?
Why not understand? 

Cought in a circle of pride...

Why do we have hopes?
Why do we have beliefs?

Life cannot exist without... 

Why so easy not to trust?
Why so easy to misinterpret?  

Answers from silence...

Why is the stars only seen at night?
Why is the sun only seen at day? 


Why the crying?
Why the hurt? 


Why do we always know the sun will rise?
Why do we always know tomorrow will come? 

So many questions...

Why don´t we always find the right answers?